Is Radmin Right For This Job?


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Is Radmin Right For This Job?
My married son lives in a different city and has 2 PCs behind a Linksys router sharing Cox Cable internet (dynamic ip). My PC is behind a Westell router sharing a Verizon ADSL connection (dynamic ip) with my wife's PC.

My son frequently asks for my help in solving various PC problems, so I would like to establish an internet remote-control setup for those situations. I was thinking of buying Radmin for this purpose, but I'm concerned about our PCs being behind routers as well as our dynamic ip's. Can someone explain what would be involved in setting up Radmin to do this job? :|
pv surfer,

RAdmin will be great for this situation. You will need to setup your sons router (the remote side) to forward the port to your sons internal IP (i.e., there is no need to open ports on your router. RAdmin works great behind different kinds of routers, so you shouldn't worry about that. Most routers now allow for remote administration, so once you get it setup you should be able to handle the port forwarding.

As for your dynamic IP situation, you might want to consider registering a dynamic DNS (free). I personally like, however, there are several other options out there. You can have free software (also available from the above site) monitor changes to your dynamic ip and have it update automatically. So you will just have to remember for instance, "" instead of an ip address.

Hope this helps let me know how it goes,

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