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Connecting to NATing, Is there a way to connect to a pc in a NATing
I have DSL but NATing i have the following configuration

IP :
gateway: (the router IP)

the real IP of the line i find it at to be

Real IP:

how to make someone able to connect to me?

thx in advance
The 10. addresses you indicate are local IP adresses. you will need to give the public IP to the person trying to connect to you.
The address.
84.36.x.x needs to PORT FORWARD port 4899 to
I too have same problem can anyone tell how to port forward 4899 from 84.36.x.x to I had tried it through ADSL modem which I had, In virtual servers I had given local ip and portnumber and even for modem I had assigned ip and all. But when I connect to 84.36.x.x its giving same error "cant connect to server" which before forwarding also we use to get. I had even restarted my modem. Can anyone help please.........
Try placing your modem in BRIDGE mode. (Or get off of DSL. Cable is 100x better anyway).
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