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Zone alarm problem, Can't change zone alarm remotely
I use remote admin to maintain office computers remotely. I have no promblems connecting to computers with zone alarm.
My problem is that I can not change zone alarm settings remotely. I can do anything BUT change zone alarm settings on the remote computer. For example, I went to update spybot on the remote computer, but zone alarm was blocking the update. When I attempted to give permision to permit spybot's update, the zone alarm window was simply inactive. I can kill zone alarm in the task manager, but not all processes. I can even uninstall zone alarm remotely, which I did in a pinch, but I can not make simple changes in zones or program permissions. I'm sure this is some added security on the part of zone alarm, but is there a work-around?
I have exactly the same problem: i use remotly anywhere and since i made the zone alarme's last update , i can't change zone alarm settings when i remote my computer...
Can you help us please ?
hello, does anybody have an answer. I still am having the same problem with zone alarm. The obvious answer is not to use zone alarm, but I have to deal with clients who have already purchased the product or are loyal zone alarm fans.
Any help will be appreciate. :(
Hello Again,
I have answered my own question, but if others are interested.

To enable the mouse and keyboard on zone alarm free. Open Zone alarm free-go to "Overview">preferences Tab>and uncheck "protect the zone alarm client". This will allow you to remotely use the mouse and keyboard to change zone alarm settings.

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