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Would anybody else want to see an RAdmin Viewer for PocketPC? I've got a cool new PocketPC SmartPhone, and I'd love to have an RAdmin Viewer I could use.

Anybody else?
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
Basco Shower Enclosures
Radmin cannot work on a PDA. We are planning to port Remote Administrator to PDA's (Pocket PC/Windows Mobile) in the future, but now we are extremely busy with beta-testing of Radmin 3.0. The development of PDA version was not started yet.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
I would love to see a PocketPC version. I know our company would purchase at least 200 copies for all of our techs (who all have Pocket PC phones)...

Ilia, is there any way to be put on some kind of a notification list as to any updates on a pocket pc version?
I would also Love to get a ppc radmin viewer. Could I also be put on the notification list if there is one?


I love your products
Seems like there is some interest in this viewer for PPC.

Now that version 3.0 is nearing release I hope that Famatech will concentrate on providing me RViewer for PPC.

Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
Basco Shower Enclosures
Any updates on a Remote Administrator viewer for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 ?
Do not want to post another me too reply.

But a PPC Version would diffently be helpfull to me. Being a Network consultant it would be nice to be at one clients and be able to remotly support another with out have to boot up the notebook.
I would also like to see Radmin work on WM5 platform
I also would love to see Radmin for the WM platform.
I would love to have a WM5 / 6 Version of Radmin which can support a import of the rpb.
Is anybody know? Famatech is working on it?
I would like to see a pocketpc version.
I would also like WM6 version very much :) I don't want to have to install vnc on all servers.. consumes more memory.
Is there any news on the progress of RAdmin for PPC?
Just found this site today...and am impressed with the software features (soon to try). Been using the free version (limited to remote access without file transfer etc) of "logmein" I am mentioning it here only because it does have pocket pc capability. I use it that way successfully. Their paid version is too expensive (a monthly fee, etc.)...but the freebie might be a good option for ppc use until Radmin gets their ppc feature up and running. Came here to expand my horizons.
We are planning to expand on Pocket PCs, but ETA is not available yet.
Sweet! I hope the plans to release it (even an Alpha version to the public would nice) will come soon.

Just requesting like the rest... will there be a notification system for this, and if so, can you put me on it too :)
Any news on this issue ?
Just got HTC Diamond WM6.1 and want to see it working with Radmin :) !
Not any soon.
I would mostly be interested in a viewer app for the PPC so I can provide remote support when I'm on the go.
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