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Hey, me and a friend of mine were wondering a couple of things when we were experimenting with a D-link router & NetMeeting.

1: What's the use of the TCP service "User Location Service" on port 522?
2: What are primary & secundary connections?
3: If we connect 2 pc's to the router & one ethernet port, what will happen if one of us uses a slirp connection?
4: If I configure my router to block port 1720 when videoconferencing, what will happen?
5: and port 1731?
6: and port 1503?
7: And if I configure my router to not get a dynamical assigned port, what will happen when we're videoconferencing?

I really need to know this, so thanks for any replies.
1. Can't think of a reason why you'd need this at your home PC. It's for use on a network so your computer can "explore" the domain.

2. Primary and Secondary connections where?

3. Say this one again?

4. DEPENDS ON THE SOFTWARE: Your software will either swtich to a previously defined backup port or it will not connect. If it's a smart software, it will bypass your router.

5. See number 4, similar reaction.

6. See number 4, similar reaction.

7. Depends on the software. Generally, you'd have to port forward the ports you want to use from the router to the local machine.
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