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Cant connect!, I try to connect, it acts like it will for a split second, the doesn't
I've been messing with it for about an hour now, I just cant get it to work! I have tried from my main x64 Windows XP PC, and 32-bit XP PC, to control both a Win2k server and a 32-bit XP PC. It won't work... I double click to connect, and for a second the mouse cursor switches to hour glass, then goes away. I KNOW its talking to the server because I had a firewall enabled on my 32-bit XP PC and the incoming connection request popped up, I allowed it. Then I disabled the firewall, still wont connect, does the same thing on the viewer side.

I have tried restarting all machines, made sure the service was started. Tried controlling my 32-bit XP PC from my x64 XP PC and that doesnt work, tried controlling my Win2k server from it too, nothing. Same thing on the 32-bit machine, I used it to try to connect to my Win2k server, same thing. All viewers react the same, hour glass for a split second, then no connect.

It connects to the RA 2.1 server trial fine.

BTW the Win2k server does not have a firewall. RA 2.1 works, WinVNC works, Windows remote desktop works. Just RA 3 beta will not work.

I've made sure they are all on port 4897 on both viewer and server, still just wont work. I can't do any of the features, control, view, terminal, file share, power down/restart, chat, voice, send message. None of them work. All do the same thing, hour glass for a split second, then no connection. No error message, nothing.

So far I have been unable to have a successfull connection between a RA 3 server and client.

Whats the deal?
Could you please send us Radmin Communication log file
usually placed in C:\WINDOWS\system32\rcomsrv30, so we can see what's happening?

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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