Radmin viewer 3.0: cute, but...


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Radmin viewer 3.0: cute, but...
I'm a long time user of radmin (used it in my NT4.0 days... when NT 4.0 was brand new) and I always liked the product.

Recently, I was happy to find out that a new version of that product was expected. Indeed, I found that it was now getting a bit old in it's functionality (although it still worked just fine).

And I must say I'm disappointed: The new features of the new version are nice, but really rather cosmetic: the new look is cute, the ability to sort connections by folders is interesting and the capacity to open a file transfer protocol from a remote control without having to relogin is nice, but some features that we've come to expect from modern software are still missing. Let me list a few:

1/ No drag-and-dropping of files and folders in the file transfer tool.
2/ No respect of the global shortcuts. F2 is used everywhere in the OS for renaming an entry but RAdmin uses F6, etc.
3/ No MRU on the drop downs
4/ No way to quickly transfer a file when you are in "full control" mode.
5/ No filtering on file names.

That's just to name a few.

Frankly, as a sysadmin, these would really help me in my daily business way more than a few colorful icons, yet another chat server or similar.

The feature you mentioned is already in our Wishes list.
We've included this suggestion into our Wishes list.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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