Bug - VOIP (Teamspeak)


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Bug - VOIP (Teamspeak)
There seems to be a bug with the new version of the Radmin 3.0 client.
My work associate and I connect to our VPN from home and then use Radmin to control our servers. (Using Radmin server version 2.2 on Windows 2003)

We also, after connecting to the VPN, hook up on Teamspeak so we can talk. This teamspeak connection is through our VPN not Radmin (obviously).

This all works great in 2.2. We can control the remote servers, and teamspeak with no problems.

With the 3.0 client, if the radmin screen has focus, we can't talk to each other. Nothing is transmitted. If we minimize the radmin 3.0 client, and switch focus to something else, we can teamspeak again. As soon as we give the Radmin 3.0 focus again, teamspeak is cut off.

We tested this and can reproduce it every time with the 3.0 client. If we use the 2.2 client, we don't have this problem.


There seems to be a bug with the new version of the Radmin 3.0 client.
It is not a bug, when you connect to remote pc in full control mode all your keyboard actions transmits to remote computer, that's because you can't use teamspeak during Radmin session.

Which keystroke do you use to activate teamspeak?

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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