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keep us, tell us whats new
i know lot of people been waiting for about 3 years for a good release of the program but we need to know what you guys changed in the new version of radmin dont keep us guess "will this or will this be in the version"
give us what new page on the sight give us bug changes page you know "fix this or fixed that"
or put in new ecription key change or something like
we had problems today with chat server upgread

dont just leave us in the ***** keep us informed like testing radmin on server.....xp or 2000 today tell us how it went or complication in run time 2 or still testing out call back feature,
do another beta test have us test it for you open up bug forum so people dont double report error or setup a bug report server

love program long time personal fan...but i would like to see some kinda new report or ***** on this program u know

email me at for good stuff iv got.....

what you guys changed in the new version of radmin

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
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