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[ Closed ] Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date
That didn't take too long to get *that* question asked.

:D :D :D
Positive!: Symantec does not think it's a virus or trojan...yet ;) .
I see there questions regarding our new activation procedure, upgrade issues, trial periods and so on.

Radmin 3.0 beta is available with a free 90-day trial period.

After the full version is released you will have an option to license your copy of Radmin 3.0. All customers who purchased Radmin 3.0 will receive appropriate licenses by e-mail. For all Radmin 2.x users eligible for an upgrade we'll provide the instructions on how to get their new licenses.

Radmin 3.0 licensing policy

Radmin version 3.0 is licensed on a "per server" basis. You' will be required to purchase the number of Radmin Server licenses, which is equal to the number of remote computers. Radmin Viewer is available at no charge. For all customers with Remote Administrator (Radmin) 2.x, who wish to upgrade to Radmin 3.x there will be conversion procedures. For example, all Single licenses (for two PCs) will be converted into two Radmin Server licenses. Volume licenses for the some number of computers should be converted to the same number of Radmin Server licenses. After the conversion, you will be able to use the new version on the same or larger number of PCs.
Install a little awkward next to an install of 2.2, but I installed, removed 2.2 and rebooted and everything is working.

Looks like remote installing will be a little difficult.

I don't have that many machines right now, but if someone could try this (only works for those on same LAN):

1. Copy new 3.0 to remote machine; install
2. Configure 3.0 for Windows Auth. (or what you had previous)
3. Remove 2.2
4. Using Computer Management, reboot PC remotely or use a different command line based tool too.

Does this work?
Walter, just for your reference I can say that Symantec does not detect Radmin 2.2 since the 17th of April, 2006. We spent some time resolving this issue but now I do not expect any further problems with them and other AVs.
Wouldnt it be something if it actually came out tomorrow?
This is Famatech we're talking about, Kaleb. I'll be impressed, or at least satisfied, if the final release comes out before the 90 day trial version beta expires.

I'll be displeased (and I'm sure I won't be alone) if they don't even work out the license upgrades before then.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!
Thanks, I was sort of only kidding, but I was not aware of that, but that's good to know.

Now on to real issues:

1. I started a Remote Administrator session to a laptop. It works just fine.

2. I used Remote Desktop to connect to the laptop while the Radmin session was still alive and [the RAdmin session was] logged in to a local admin account on the laptop. It forced the local user to log off with Remote Desktop. RAdmin showed the log off and when the Remote Desktop started logging in, RAdmin screen went blank. Odd, but RAdmin was still able to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote machine while the screen was blank.

3. I logged off the Remote Desktop session. RAdmin screen...connected the whole still blank when laptop display returns to Windows Logon. Sending Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work now.

4. Disconnected from laptop and reinitiated the RAdmin session. This did not work, the RAdmin viewer displayed a blank window with a resolution for about 640x480 (laptop is much higher) sized screen and I still cannot send Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5. Restarting the service remotely did not fix the problem.

6. Had to restart the machine... I was able to use RAdmin to do this, but when it was restarting the screen went blank on the laptop and it took a while to restart.
Installation on 64 Wiindows...

Installed okay, but since Windows still forces the binaries to C:\windows\syswow64 vs. C:\windows\system32 the Shortcuts are broken and the services doesn't install correctly.

BUT, when you run the config and set all the necessary settings, the config realizes this and asks you if you want to reinstall the service and that works. So just the shortcuts need to be updated...something that can be done with the config?

...Also I guess no driver for 64 bit :cry:
Should we move the beta testing stuff to another thread since this one deals with the RELEASE DATE? Just wondering so we all have a better way to keep this information sorted for ourselves and Famatech...
Is the promised Kerberos support there? I'm not seeing it anywhere under the Security setup....
Question: should there be any data going back and forth if there are no screen changes? If not, it may get into some kind of vicious circle if you have the task-bar icon for the Ethernet connection enabled. Those flashing monitors will always cause some screen changes...
Okay this is fun and all, but:

I've tested a lot of beta products in my IT experience but Im somewhat hesistant to install radmin beta 3 products as a remote viewing tool. Anybody here will understnad that a beta is a testing product, and testing products could easily contain bugs that could be exploited.

Not a very pleasant thought when you consider your server will be accessible through this software.
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