Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date


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I just have to say something to Dmitri here. I appreciate that you had a holiday, and it was difficult to get people together to get some work done. But didn't you know it was a holiday before you promised the release/screenshots? Why didn't you take that into account before making unreasonable promises?

Also: while we appreciate the new level of communication, there is a lot we'd still like to know. We understand how ISP problems, installer problems, and all the other problems that plague beta releases can cause delays, and you've been fairly good in the last week about explaining things.
What we really want to know is this: why weren't these issues dealt with years ago? What's been going on for the last 4-5 years? Since you've finally opened a crack in your wall of silence, why not finally open the door wide? How about write up a summary of the development progress on RAdmin Server 3.0 since its beginning. No trade secrets or copywrite infringements or anything like that, just a general idea of what's been going on for 5 years. If you could do that, we might not get much friendlier, but we'd at least understand the circumstances and (depending on what you reveal) MIGHT be a little more lenient. This could save you some customers.
Of course, this all depends on maintaining the new level of communication as well.

I hope you take this to heart, it is meant with all sincerity. Happy Victory Day!
Yes Happy Victory day,

I suppose you couldn't very well release radmin 3.0 beta on a holiday, since the release date of radmin 3.0 will be declared a worldwide holiday.
Oh, and BTW: Whilst you delete and delete and delete the truth I repost and repost and repost it: You have no serious developers left. Otherwise you had a version to show since ages.
I'm really sorry that we have not published new screenshots. You'll see them later today.

Actually we have holidays today and yesterday, so I was unable to coordinate this. But just FYI our developers work all these days .

I apologise again and we'll keep you updated. Tomorrow I'll send you the detailed updated status.

Best regards,

It's good to hear something back. I am sure how ever when you said something would be out monday you knew monday was a holiday for you. Kinda said the Radmin 3 Carrot is growing thin.... And Will Radmin 2.2 will die when Vista comse out.
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
Which programmers to fire when there are non, Eric?
I would suggest they sell their company to a group that understands project management. Learn ITIL in the mean time.
here are the screenshots that I promised. Sorry again for keepi g you wating

Please, take a look.

Best regards ,
Probably you'd like to have an update on what's going on. We have finished the mirror driver installation procedure, it took some time but it's done. Now we're making the final installation package and settng up our antihacker protection on the distributive.

My next posting will be on Thursday. Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,
Those look very cool, as expected. Was that a toolbar I saw in the full control screenshot? I like.

Any chance we could have another projected release date? (Insert all the appropriate flaming comments about previous missed release dates here.)

(Woohoo! I made it in first to respond!)
I wish all of you could see what we showed on the CeBIT exhibiton. We're really doing our best to release it public as soon as possible.

Let's talk two days later.
Dmitry ? Where were you the last 3 years when we needed information?
I'm literally crying.
for the almighty ?beta? screen shots...

Now just give them two more months to make the ?beta? available for DL.
When we talk in two days, will we find out what happened on the RAdmin 3.0 project in the 4-5 years before you started releasing information? I know I already asked about this. But I'm really curious about why this all feels like last minute rushing around, when so much time has already passed.

Back me up here people. The screen shots look great. I'm sure the demo at CeBIT was awesome. But there is no program on the planet, MS O/Ses included, that takes 4 years to code a beta version. Something else was obviously happening at your company that was delaying progress. And, even if it's something embarrassing for you personally or professionally, I believe that your AMAZINGLY loyal customers are entitled to know what it was. Just my humble opinion as a loyal customer and purchaser of multiple helpdesk licenses, of course.

I agree. It sure would be nice to see why Famatech couldn't get something out much sooner than this. (and so far..all we've got are screenshots..which some user(s) on this board could have generated themselves...:-)
I can only imagine what has happened within the "walls" of Famatech the last few years.

well, no bad intention BUT:
It took me 20 minutes to write the shown dialogues in Delphi (I know I am slow).
So what kind of proof or information are they?

As I already said (accidentially deleted): Next time I believe anthing these people say is when I ahve a BETA in my own hands....
Rainer A. wrote:
It took me 20 minutes to write the shown dialogues in Delphi (I know I am slow).

Well then ....take the rest of the day and finish the complete server package for us and save all of us and Famatech the time! :D
hm... Very intersting screenshots (just like from CServer, isn't it?), but why didn't we get, for example, screenshot from main window?
Hello fellow posters! I too have been waiting for a loooong time for the new version of RAdmin. I use the application on a daily basis to manage servers and desktops for several networks. I will certianly enjoy a new app with new features and functions...........YET.....V2.2 still works......and it still has many many advantages over other similar available apps.!

IT STILL WORKS....GIVE ALL THIS BANTERING A REST! Let them do their work and get this thing out!
Bottom line is that..... It is what it IS.... and the new version will be ready when it is ready!

Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
Now we're making the final installation package and settng up our antihacker protection on the distributive.


Thanks for the screenshots, they look great.

Any chance we can test Radmin 3 this week?
If you can't give us an exact date, can you estimate how long it probably will take before you can publish the bèta? (take or leave a few day's).

Ofcourse I am in for a surprise, so IF you can give us the beta this week, I promise you: I will Love you forever and a day. :D

Michel Uphoff
what does FFX and Radmin Have in common???
Give up they both took 3 to 4 years to make :D
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