Radmin 3.0 Server Release Date


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Dmitry Kurashev wrote:

I'm really sorry that we have not published new screenshots.

NEW screenshots??? Where are the OLD ones???

You'll see them later today.
Sure, but "if" you cannot post them, when is the new date?

It's funny, now the timeline leads to the release of a couple of JPG files. The release of the soft is totally forgotten.

I guess this post will be deleted as my last one, but no deletes can hide the fact that Farmatech's director LIES, simply because you cannot delete THE CALENDAR.
Dmitry Kurashev
I certainly don't believe a word you say. "We talk in 2 days" Oh what will you say about the beta release of Radmin 3? By opening up communications more with your customers, promising beta downloads and posting phoney screenshots of your vapourware, you have dug your own grave. Will it be some story that the programmer ran away with the code and you must start over, but hang in there we will release as soon as possible? No wait a fire destroyed everything including the remote backup of the code. What will be your excuse. I guess we will hear it in 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 days or weeks or months or years.
Get out of Dodge before it's to late
Well this is a really good step in ht right direction! Props for that. I personally would have like to see a few more screens of the Radmin server options mostly "Miscellaneous" options being the main once since these options are not much new :-) But still some is better then nothing.

I agree with TekServer in the wanting to know what happened over the last few years and how the radmin ball got dropped and left behind like it did, Most of us loyal people would like to know how this could have happened and why the information flow was so poor up untill last week when Roman got sick of avoding our posts about missed dates.

and well Brian Prinkki Radmin 2.2 dose work well but I guess you havn't tried it one Vista have you ... ? Or you just like that warm fuxxy feeling when you feel like you are being Ignored, Dismissed, Lied to, and/or snubed when you say anything about missed dates. Now granted I do feel posts where out of line, How ever at the end of the day if we had the levle of communication that we do now things would not be so bad. (Although room for improvment still exsits)
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
Dmitry Kurashev wrote:
Now we're making the final installation package and settng up our antihacker protection on the distributive.

hopefully this install package you speak of is an MSI ;-) how ever it it's not release what you got don't go making something new :P
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...

Why not just post what was shown at CeBIT? Or at least make it available to those frequent least allow those of us actually encouraging or cajoling you (and Ilia - whatever happened to him? and Roman) about all of the false promises in the past?

If you can't, I do NOT understand the's a beta. We're asking, in effect, to be beta testers. And, that is what was shown at CeBIT.

As far as why it took so long, for a small company, my guess would be that there was a greater revenue promise with the Comm Server product that with RAdmin, especially due to the free upgrade policy that was promised us 2.2 (and earlier) purchasers.

Then again, it could have been to give our prez a model to use when he invaded Iraq. See, guys, vaporware has many realtime applications, such as WMDs!!! :D :D :D :D

nobody would still be here if 2.1/2.2 wouldn't have been great.
Anyway they have been lying since 4 years and they will keep lying instead of delivering....

A little late but thank you for the pictures and posts. ;-)

Please don\'t overlook your \"Let\'s talk two days later\" statement.

Many will be looking for it, your Public Relations will get better if you do as you say. :-)

Look at how many times this tread has been viewed, up over 10,000 in one week. Currently at Views: 25,628!!

Philip Geneste
Brian Prinkki Vista won't be used in production enviroments for a while yet but it's still good to to test and know that software I buy today won't usless in a years time when Microsoft forces Vista on all enviroments.
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
Ed L. Microsoft FORCING Vista on ALL Environments???? What??? the product life cycle of Hmmm W2K is still valid.... most of our corporate clients are still populated with W2K desktops...... very few have even migrated to XP..... so what is the adoption of Vista going to look like???

IMHO...... we are a long way off from large scale or even moderate adoption of Vista..... if you just consider the additional licensing issues and hardware requirements for Vista.... most desktops cannot even make the transition to Vista without considerable hardware upgrades..... then we have to consider that there really are NO compelling features that are left in Vista to entice a user to upgrade......

Sooo.... if RAdmin comes out in a V3 that is or is not compatiable with Vista is almost pointless...... I said almost.... of course in a reasonable world everything would simply work and we all would just get along.......
Brian Prinkki wrote:
Hello fellow posters! I too have been waiting for a loooong time for the new version of RAdmin. I use the application on a daily basis to manage servers and desktops for several networks. I will certianly enjoy a new app with new features and functions...........YET.....V2.2 still works......and it still has many many advantages over other similar available apps.!

IT STILL WORKS....GIVE ALL THIS BANTERING A REST! Let them do their work and get this thing out! Bottom line is that..... It is what it IS.... and the new version will be ready when it is ready!


If you have no problem with the current development life cycle of this new version that is your business. However, the majority of these people are ***** and have every right to be so.

Don't come register for a forum and on the first day start preaching about how people who have been here waiting for years are impatient. Fortunately for you, if you're still having difficulty containing your stress level about the legitimate feelings these people have towards this company, you may alleviate that stress by excusing yourself from this thread.
and when (if) Remote Admin 3 is released they will have ANOTHER holiday to celebrate!

Congratulations on “Famatech’s” behalf for ruining their commercial reputation it has been a long time in the making (4+years). You couldn’t have employed a Marketing company to do such a good job at tarnishing your corporate image.

Fact is that you have no faith in your client base which is very disappointing because the majority of them would have more knowledge of IT than all your programmers put together. This is a huge knowledge bank of “technical resources” that Famatech could tap into just by releasing the Beta and asking for some help.

:idea: Without your client base you don’t even have a product!

:| “Wise man once said: don’t bite the hand that feeds you……”
I think it should be obvious by now that no matter how much you complain or how blistering the insults, these guys are not going to release anything until they are good and ready.

Maybe they are waiting for a day when they are not insulted.

I come here every so often to check for updates or betas. the 3.0 viewer is cool. It's been a while since then.

So I read the forums, for the humor mostly. A really funny post makes an otherwise fruitless visit worthwhile.
it passes the time while I wait.........

SO if you want to really contribute, try to be funny. The venom and insults fall on deaf ears. I don't care to read it, they don't move any faster, why bother.

Radmin 3.0 is done, they are trying to build a webfarm that can handle 500,000,000 hits in 1 hour
Hey everyone it's Thursday! YEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Thursday indeed. Anyone taking bets on May yet? If not I will set the odds at 5 to 1 against a release...
Who cares about screen shots!!!!!
These should have been available a loooong time ago.
Screen shots don't do me any good!! How about the actual program to download?
After a night of no sleep I finally found out why it is taking so long for Famatech to create an application ... these guys must be getting paid by the hour!

We probably all have created applications fancier than Radmin in just a fraction of the time Famatech needs to deliver Radmin 3. I am in serious doubt if my customers would pay me for 6400 hours (4 years) for an application like that.

In fact, we should congratulate the Famatech developers for being so inventive, shouldn't we?

Keep on the good work, guys! ;)

I'd like to inform you that Radmin 3.0 Beta will go out today.

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Znosko
Dmitry Znosko wrote:
I'd like to inform you that Radmin 3.0 Beta will go out today.

Yours sincerely,
Dmitry Znosko


that's cool

I can't wait.

Our time is 17:00 now, so I'll wait all night, I want to have it :)
Good news ... besides the fact that my working day is over now (The Netherlands).
Well, at least something to look forward to tomorrow.
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