Radmin 3.0 Server/Viewer beta issues


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Maybe it is just me, but is the User Name in the Login Screen usually case sensitive? Obviously the password is, but not the user name..

I am getting weird fonts in the top left corner of the Viewer where it should normally read "Radmin Viewer" just a buch of squares.

It would be nice to have a Drop Down Menu like the older versions in the Viewer rather than just the button bar.

You can't Lock the Server's Mouse and keyboard, and cannot blank the server's screen.

I really like the Dual monitor support!!
No remote printing feature???
Are you serious???

Famatech - can you please explain what happened to this promised v3 feature?
Okay, I think this might help. I was using MS remote desktop to uninstall 2.2 and install 3beta on both machine that I was having problems with. When I stopped that and actually got off my butt to go to the machine and install 3beta everything worked fine.
One more thing. For those that may be interested. Even though it seems you can't install the new video hook driver while using MS remote desktop, I have tested installation using Real VN* (I know bad word). I works just fine.

May be a workaround for now.
In Radmin 2.2 "NT authentication" used your currently logged in user name and password first then prompted you to log in if it was not accepted. It doesn't seem to be doing that in the beta. Is anyone else seeing this also?
To Hide the tray you can do the reg edit \\HKLM\SYSTEM\Radmin\V3.0\Server BUT THE SERVER STOPS WORKING!!!!! Quite a few features missing, callback, Blank Screen, Lock KB and mouse.

Deleting Phonebook each time you swich to the Beta is a big pain.

Will stick to Ultra for now, free and works!!!!!!

Bit disappointing after 4 years of internal Beta testing, will try again in a few months when some of the promised features actualy work.

Da GMan :D :) :( :evil: :cry:
Another huge missing feature (unless I'm missing something real obvious) -- Kerberos support.

That and Switch User support are the only things we were looking for. How can it be that 5 years after the release of XP you still don't support it?

Famatech, why don't you please clarify things for us by going through the list of all of your promised features, and putting them in three columns:

1. Implemented and working.

2. Implemented with problems.

3. Not implemented.

Then we can all stop wasting out time trying things that are not in category 1.
Thank you for releasing V3beta :!:

Note to all 2.1 and 2.2 will work with V3 installed and both phone books work, but MUST use diffrent ports!

Many features are here, some need work, some needed to be added like remote port forwared for printing, but I do all see the hard work, lets now help them finish it. :!:

Lets face It it was realy that easy, others would have done it sooner and better, I only know of 3 or 4 others that use the windows mirror driver and they all have their issues, $$, interface,and only one is open source so it has a very large team of helping programers.

MS Remote Desk Top doesn/t use console zero and can/t install services, this is a known issue at MS, the workaround is to use add/remove programs window and use the add program button. VNC and RAdmin are console zero tools.

Also for High CPU usage for no apparent reason, turn off video hardware acceleration in advanced options in properties. This is a video driver issue with card mfg. Update driver or change.

Best regards,
With regards installing of the new BETA version, change your port for Radmin 2x, reconnect to it and then install the new beta. You should be able to do it with no problems. :D
You can also not see a commandline (shell) window in full screen (Alt+Enter), which was also promised for v3. :(
No remote printing feature???
Are you serious???

Famatech - can you please explain what happened to this promised v3 feature?

Hello? Famatech?

Look at the "RADMIN 3.0 Beta Features List" at the down load page, they listed what is and what is not in the beta and what is planed for V3x, server to client and printing IS included.

Cut and paste:
Some features planned for future updates

* Callback functionality: Radmin Server can connect to Radmin Client.
* Full screen text mode support.
* Choice of font to be used to display full screen mode.
* Support of disabling the serverís mouse and keyboard.
* Remote printing support.
* Blank user screen support.

But what does that mean???

Future update to v3 before final release?
Future update meaning v3.1 (in 5 years)?
Future update meaning v4 (in 20 years)?

I want a statement from Famatech on this issue.
I was told a year ago that this feature would be in v3. Now I would like a cairification.

Dear Famatech,

Thanks for releasing the beta it is a shame that people arenít just happy that the new "Mirror Driver" has made Radmin the fastest Remote control seen to date.

We were already aware that the product was not complete so I see no point in everyone bagging the new release.

USERS: Famatech are aware of what functions are not working but released the BETA for the people that were so eager to see the new product. It seams they can't win you put ***** on them for not releasing it then you put ***** on them for it not being complete!!

Get a life - You can't have you cake and eat it people.....

Thanks Famatech looking good please donít give up. :D

PS. Beta is a testing platform so anyone that installed it on their "Live" systems deserves to have their phone book entries deleted and I hope it takes you ages to retype them again.
Don Henly wrote:
It seams they can't win you put ***** on them for not releasing it then you put ***** on them for it not being complete!!

4 1/2 years after Famatech publicly (on this forum) announced the list of features and said it would be ready in Nov/Dec (2001), and after they have repeatedly said the reason it was delayed is due to their desire to release something that is fully tested and has "no errors", I think it is reasonable to be disappointed in what has been released this week.

Apparently, you are completely satisfied, which is fine. Some of us are not.
okay I agree with some people that it's weird that a product (that takes 3-4 years to update) still contains bugs, but it's still beta... I do question myself.. if this has over 15 bugs.. will the non-beta be released before or after Vista gets released.. and since it doesnt work in Vista.. :-/ I hope for the best for the buyers. I didnt buy it, because I expected something like this. :o
1. I started a Remote Administrator session to a laptop. It works just fine.

2. I used Remote Desktop to connect to the laptop while the Radmin session was still alive and [the RAdmin session was] logged in to a local admin account on the laptop. It forced the local user to log off with Remote Desktop. RAdmin showed the log off and when the Remote Desktop started logging in, RAdmin screen went blank. Odd, but RAdmin was still able to send Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote machine while the screen was blank.

3. I logged off the Remote Desktop session. RAdmin screen...connected the whole still blank when laptop display returns to Windows Logon. Sending Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work now.

4. Disconnected from laptop and reinitiated the RAdmin session. This did not work, the RAdmin viewer displayed a blank window with a resolution for about 640x480 (laptop is much higher) sized screen and I still cannot send Ctrl-Alt-Del.

5. Restarting the service remotely did not fix the problem.

6. Had to restart the machine... I was able to use RAdmin to do this, but when it was restarting the screen went blank on the laptop and it took a while to restart.
Installation on 64 Wiindows...

Installed okay, but since Windows still forces the binaries to C:\windows\syswow64 vs. C:\windows\system32 the Shortcuts are broken and the services doesn't install correctly.

BUT, when you run the config and set all the necessary settings, the config realizes this and asks you if you want to reinstall the service and that works. So just the shortcuts need to be updated...something that can be done with the config?

...Also I guess no driver for 64 bit :cry:
When using full control where the remote screen is anything over 1024x768 (I was using 1152x864) the remote cursor, although it is correct at far left, gradually seperates from the local cursor.

By the time the local cursor has reached the far right, the remote cursor is a good 30 pixels behind or so, and you can't click on anything on the far right of the screen.
Problems currently in Beta 1 of Server/Viewer 3.0.

1) Serious: I've purchased 2.2 version and can't log onto viewer/full control on 2.2 server with beta 1 of viewer 3.0.

2) Strange characters on window name on full control/view screen.

3) Cannot disable control toolbox. Or at least make it transparent or slide-in etc.

4) Serious: Cannot import phonebook from beta viewer 3.0 to beta 1 viewer 3.0.

5) Should be able to switch between all window modes with F12 key.

6) Blank screen not working.

7) Remote cursor shows always.

Although i have to admit the new server/viewer are way faster than the old version even with 24bit color depth. And as far as i saw the first problem will be corrected. Hope the better for the rest.
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