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Radmin 3 beta server issue, no updates for direct x
I am pleased with the new server for the most part.

However, I was expecting the new video hook to be MUCH better. I have seen no speed increases with the new hook driver of any kind. In fact, the new server seems to be unable to properly update directx windows. The only part of the window that updates is a small square area around the mouse cursor. The previous server version was able to update the directx windows properly.
Well the speed for the new video hook is much faster from what I can tell so far. Not sure about the Directx stuff yet.
Is there any more info for this?
Not only do directx windows not update (other than a small wquare area around the mouse cursor) but some graphical windows don't update at all!!!

But when using server version 2.2, all is well. The new video hook is not much to write home about!
Can we get an update on why the version 2 server can hook properly to overlay windows and 3.0 cannot? please? with a cherry on top?
/Bump, I'm having the same Dirext X issues.
So not a word eh? even a this is on our list of bugs to fix?
Same issue here, for example with Windows Media Center. Only the screen around the mouse pointer is updated.
At least njow I know that it is a general issue with DirectX which gives me hope because Famatech cannot just ignore that bug.

Any comments of Famatech support about that?
apparently they can "just ignore that bug".
they seem to have a long history of ingoring thing, release dates, user requests, bugs, what ever.
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