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Radmin 3.0 speed?, is it so amazing or did i miss something ?
Sorry, was planning to modify message after test post, but somehow forum does not support this, strange .

The message. I have used Radmin 2.2 for a long time, alongside with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection and Microsoft Terminal Client. As expected, Radmin 2.2 was much faster than Remote Desktop and slower than Terminal Service.

Most of the time i have used Radmin - speed was not perfect, but suitable to operate programs and manage my monitorless computer at home. Both computers are fast (beyound 3Ghz), have fast 50 begabyte per second hard drives and are connected vial 100 megabit cable. Both have licensed Windows XP Professional Service pack 2.

I have downloaded version 3.0 today and installed it, expecting it to be a bit faster and to display mouse correctly. But after i have connected to remote computer with it... The speed was amazing - huge windows moving without a single glitch, menus and dialogs appearing instantly, mouse operations at realtime speed etc. To me, the speed was faster even than using Terminal Service! I have a good knowledge of computer software, and i can't believe that a remote control software can be near as fast as Terminal Service software - it's just different mechanics. At first time i have suggested that it was some trick with capturing windows movements and positions, not exact display images. So i started a 320x240 MPEG-4 video on remoe computer, absolutely sure it will be 2-4 frames per second. After all, video did not run smooth even using Terminal Service - too much data to capture, too much uncompressable data to send over network... It did run smooth on Radmin 3.0

Now I am confused - is it Famatech that makes version 3.0 more than 10 times faster than 2.2, or is it some misconfiguration of my software that prevents Microsoft Remote Desktop and Microsoft Terminal Service to operate at normal speed?
With best regards, Incognito 'The Faith'
message header -

I see a noticable increase when remoting to my home PC.
I also notice a big increase in speed over V2

Radmin 3.0 uses completely different engine based on latest 'mirror driver' technology. All code, mechanics and protocols are highly optimized. We do not have any tests yet, but new version actually can be more than 10 times faster compared to very fast Radmin 2.2. Not sure it can suprass Terminal Service - it is really theoretically impossible. But terminal service is a different kind of product, it can not be used to connect existing sessions.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
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