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Problem With Remote Server 3, Port 443

Today i've installed the remote server 3, and configured it to listen at port 443, at my work i can connect to my pc just at this port, with remote server 2.2 and 2.1 i had no problem.

with the remote server 3, it ask me for username and password ,after i entered them it gives this error:
"RadminAuthV3: Using entered user/password
TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed"

If i try to connect directly through modem i success.
i think that there is more ports that i have to open in my router.

help me

best regards
system admin
Should work on any port but WHY did you use 443, this is SSL for all web browsers! If you need a low end port that useable in mixed windows and linux enviroments, use port 22, SSH as I know few folks using SSH on windows short of putty.
In my network the administrtor blocked all the ports besides port 443.
ask your administrator to open another port..
i found also that port 80 is open, it gives me also that error

i can't ask him to open another port, becuase of security reasons he won't open another port.
Sounds like V3 check for listen vs open port of V2, go back to V2 if it works for you as thats an issue I cant fault them for in V3. IE uses and list both. I would have guess that you would have been behind a proxy server if it that tight of a network. I will check that out though on my test system just to know.
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