Importing phone book from OLD Beta Viewer to NEW Viewer


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Importing phone book from OLD Beta Viewer to NEW Viewer
Just installed the NEW Radmin 3 Beta Viewer and cannot import the phonebook from the previous Beta Viewer. Any directions or suggestions are most welcome. Please note that I uninstalled the NEW viewer and re-installed the old viewer and re-imported the phonebook with NO problems. Therefore the .rpb file is intact and usable.

Also note that the solution described by Roman Makarov deals with importing from 2.2 to the Beta Viewer and DOES NOT WORK for importing from old Beta Viewer to New Beta Viewer.

I have tried deleting the .rpb file and copying the backup copy of the exported phone book, then renaming it to radmin.rpb with no success.
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Ditto here... Do you happen to have a link to the older beta installer?
This problem has already been addressed in several threads.

Here is the download link to get the original beta viewer:
the phone book works fine if you go from 2.2 to 3.0 well i said no then yes to the second time located a file opened a file it inported one from 2.2 but i dont use this program for buiznes just 4 fun
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