No remote control screen!


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No remote control screen!

I just installed Radmin 3.0 beta on two WinXP Pro computers and could use the Radmin 3.0 viewer to connect with Telenet, File Transfer, Chat, etc. but could not get the full control nor screen view only working. After I keyed in the username and password at the connection prompt, a Radmin logo flashed for less than a second and disappeared, leaving just the Radmin viewer address list window on the screen. I checked that the Radmin mirror driver 3 was properly installed in device manager.


I am having the same problem with RA3.0 Beta Server. Everything appears fine before logging in with proper user/password but NO remote control screen shows up after a Famatech logo flashes by.

Both the client and the server is on Windows 2003 in LAN environment.

Anyone can help? Especially techie support from Famatech?
I have same too.
Please help us~~~
Could you please post here Radmin Server log file?
Settings for Radmin Server->Options Logging.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
For XP, that sounds like a switch user issue in which Remote Admin's hook driver cannot handle the fact that 2 or more people are logged or were logged causing you to have to reboot to correct the problem. I also read where this is not a fix at this time in the Beta.
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