Multi Monitor Problems


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Multi Monitor Problems
If I manage to connect to my home pc, For some reason, my home pc isn't shown properly.
Radmin divides my screen. Half of it shows the desktoip whils the other half is just blue. I think it tries to emulate the second desktop but can't. I can move my mouse to it but can't do anything.
The only way to copnnect properly is to disable the second desktop.
Why ca't it just emulate the present desktop. Desktop 1.
When I experimented with UltraVNC, it managed to only show the first monitor. the second one wasn't shown.

P.S. Also for some reason, I can't connect without disabling my firewall First. It will connect but hang on the screen where the monitors are connecting then quit. I use Kaspersky. I've added all software relating to radmin viewer and server in the exclusion list but still don't know why.


:ph34r: Jaygo333 :ph34r:
What version of Radmin Server do you use? I advise you to use v3.0 beta 1 version.


P.S. Also for some reason, I can't connect without disabling my firewall First.

WinXP SP2 enables built-in Internet Connection Firewall without letting you know. Built-in firewall blocks almost all incoming connections. You need to disable built-in firewall or re-configure it to allow incoming Radmin connections.

You can use Radmin even if you have Windows XP's firewall enabled.

1. Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network Connections.

2. Right-click your network connection icon and select "Properties".

3. Select "Advanced" tab. Click "Settings". Firewall Settings window will appear.

4.1. To disable built-in firewall, Check "Off" and click "OK".

4.2. To change built-in firewall configuration, go to "Exceptions" tab.
Click "Add port".
Enter settings:
Name: Radmin Port
Port number: 4899
Protocol: TCP
Click "OK" button.

Now you should be able to connect to this computer remotely via Radmin.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
I managed to fix the firewall problem but the multi monitor issue is still there. When I connect, my remote monitor sees both desktops cut in half.
When I move my mouse, its sluggish and not as fast. The refresh rates suffer considrerably. I've read the other posts here and they all seem to be working well, maybe it's something at my end. I'll fix it.

Also, how do i set the local mouse curser to "be" the remote cursor. I don't like the fact that I'm using the local cursor and the remote cursor trailing.

P.S. I am using radmin 3.0 beta
Clayton Audi wrote:
how do i set the local mouse curser to "be" the remote cursor
This feature will be implemented in futher beta versions.
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