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Radmin Server 3.0 & Vista, Vista and Radmin 3.0 b1 reporting
well I didn't put in too much effort in to this testing. How

Problem as server 2.2 when connecting to a vista station. (black Screen)(Mirror Driver dose NOT support VDDM)

Tray Icon Dose NOT show up (I was kinda glad to see this)

Message Window dose not seem to show up when sending a message to a user.

Chat Window start minimized in tray.

Radmin Server setting can not be accessed unless you manually tell it to run as administrator. (Dose not request permission like most Apps do.)

Setup did not prompt or show settings screen after setup no opetion in settup to pibk NTLM or Radmin Security. (is the by desgin... ?)

I'll test out a few more things if you like But Id' like to see the next build or Display Driver
...I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Gia...
The black screen issue occurs in the current version of Vista (5536 pre-RC1) too. I'm assuming the mirror driver needs to be re-written to include Vista. All I see is a little 1 inch by 1 inch black square where the view window is supposed to be.
BTW, I get a similar phenomenon when using Radmin 3.0 server beta 2 as a service on Windows XP Pro x64 edition.

The viewer just gets a tiny, inert, frameless black rectangle (perhaps proportional in dimensions to the 1920x1200 screen it's supposed to be viewing) in the center of the screen on the viewing computer (running regular XP Pro SP2).

I hope this is fixed soon--Radmin 2.2 doesn't work for me since I use Office 2007. The menus (command button induced, right-click induced, or fade-in) don't show up on the viewing machine. Very problematic--hard to use without those menus.
I had hoped that I could install Server 2.2 on Vista (32 bit) and use the 3.0 Viewer, but the only thing that works is the file transfer. I get the same small black window.
For some reason I was thinking the server was the problem (the server, with its XP x64 edition OS, seems more odd than the viewer), but of course you're right, it could just as well be a viewer glitch, so far as I can tell.

I sure hope they fix it soon, though. I really, really want--and expect (eventually, and sooner rather than later, given that these are ever more utterly mainstream products)--a version that works will with XP Pro x64 and with Office 2007.
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