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Hide icon solutions?
Ok, I think most would love to see the ability to hide the icon, but if the AV people are not going to go along, fine.

I would like to see deployment options with Radmin. I want to select the computers, give me login, and have it deploy a package of my design. This would be mandatory in any IT Department. Now, after I have deployed, only the install and settings should be password protected. Only the adminstrator should be able to stop the service or delete it. Also, would it not be an option in XP and Vista to set the icon to "Always Hide" within the OS? Give me the option of setting that with the deployment of Radmin and I would be happy.

1. Customized install builder.
2. Deployment from Radmin Viewer.
3. Password protected uninstall.
4. Service can only be stopped by Administrator account.
5. Password protected settings.
6. Option to set Radmin to "Always Hide" in system tray through the install builder.

What do you think? I'm sure someone will come up with a hack at some point to completely hide the Rserver - but I don't need that here. Just password protect it, give me the ability to deploy easily, and the option to automatically set it to "Always Hide" and I'd be happy.

Good idea. +1 to all of those.
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