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Beta2, Issue's Radmin Beta2
Hi Famatech Wizards,

The announcement states:

>> full support of multiple displays with an opportunity to view one display only or a full desktop; <<

Works like a charm! GREAT. Could it be possible to add an option to remember the last choice? Now the "full desktop" is allways picked when starting a new session.

>> switching off toolbar through Radmin Viewer global options; <<

Can't find this options, where did you hide it?

>> transfer from Full control window to Normal from Full Screen mode when calling another type of connection (Text Chat, File Transfer); <<

Works allright.

>> new way of Mouse Scroll work with an opportunity to switch it off; <<

Scroll works fine, can't find the option to switch this off.

>> connection of Radmin 3.0 Viewer to Radmin 2.2 Server; <<

Thank you! Works!

>> compatible option change (refreshments quantity, color modes, etc.); <<

Works nicely.

>> new color modes (1bpp and 2bpp); <<

Suppose this is for very slow connections, works flawless.

>> clipboard support <<

Yes! Back in town, works as before

>> new command line key to point the path to phonebook; <<

Handy option, works.

>> compatibility of phonebook with the previous versions. <<

Allso works OK.

Missing issues: (except the one's mentioned in the announcment supplement).

How to turn off the toolbar display ?
Option to turn off that &^%$#$ tray icon
Cant find blank screen, turn off remote mouse, keyboard
Cant find dial back option
Cant find remote printing option
F12 switches between Fullscreen and Normal view only, not to stretched view.


Michel Uphoff
There are some annoying problems with the latest beta:
When I am remoting a machine in full screen, then leave the full screen (f12) to select another machine, I cannot switch tasks. I can't select another running prog from the tray, nor can I use alt-tab. I have to close every window till I get to the one I want.
Also, periodically the radmin viewer closes sometimes on it's own, so I have some remote sessions open, and the viewer is gone and I have to re-open it.

I mostly don't care for the floating toolbar, but it is sometimes handy. maybe a hotkey toggle that displays/hides it would be the best, rather than disabling it globally.

One some machines it's the fastest thing I have ever seen, but when controlling a virtual machine under vmware the mouse lag is very bad. Like you can zig-zag all over the screen and then watch the remote pointer follow like 15 sec behind it. I find I am better off controlling the host and selecting full screen mode for my target vm to get usable performance.

Otherwise it's very good and I am now able to test it without switching back and forth between viewers
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