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A feature I'd like to see is being able to have an option for RAdmin to blank the remote computer's desktop background/wallpaper when it's connected.

It would help speed up the connection when you're working over the internet, or over a slower-speed connection.

Of course, when the connection drops, it should restore the last-used background.
I second the request. I'm always connecting to computers over the Internet, and when getting into my office, I have to use a VPN tunnel, so anything to speed the connection up would help.
Me too - one of my customers uses a heavily texturated background that takes ages to transfer!
Tim Rice wrote:
I second the request.

Here's another one. Same reasons: Some of my customers use gigantic wallpapers making radmin very slow (it seems that every redraw of a window leads to downloading the entire bitmap?). If I temporary set Wallpaper-None Radmin rockets again.

Michel Uphoff
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