Should I be able to cut and paste between remote and local sessions?


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I would like to be able to cut and paste to and from the remote desktop I'm logged into to and from the PC I'm running the client on.

If this is possible, please explain how.

If this is NOT possible, will you please consider this a possible enhancement?

Thank you,

Very simple: use the inbuilt function Get/Set remote clipboard. It works as a charm.

Within Radmin 2.x versions, these Get/Set functions do not copy/paste anything else then highlighted text inside a file.

Do we have to understand that 3.0 is able to copy/paste files themselves?
Why is there no automated clipboard transfer as an option? This is a feature of both Windows Remote Desktop and Ulta VNC.
That is as a matter of fact a good question.

I have never heard about the Windows stuff, i guess it is beuase i'm still using old Win2K.

But why should we pay for Radmin while
Ultra Vn (sorry for the missing letter, i just poured liquid over my keyboard, it did'nt like it), a freeware, has some extra-features?
Hi Walter,

For the life of me I can't figure out how and when to use these Clipboard functions. I've tried all sorts of combinations and NOTHING ever gets transferred to or from my remote desktop's clipboard.

Since I can't find any v3 documentation, can you please explain how you use them?



[quote]Walter Blaser wrote:
Very simple: use the inbuilt function Get/Set remote clipboard. It works as a charm.

Actually, it does not.

It is just cutting/copying and pasting any TEXT you have highlighted within a file, and it does it fine, but that is very insufficient.

The same comes true with Vnc or whatever you like:
in all instances, you can transfer files, but by a separated process, not just the file you highlight during a remote connexion, and this is, i agree with you, a pain in the ......

I used (both LAN have dynamic ADSL adresses) to connect from one to the other via No IP dns names.

More for security reasons then just for copy/paste, i do it from today through a Hamachi VPN connexion (, and that becomes miraculous:
now, i connect radmin via the Hamachi virtual adress and i can, either directly with Hamachi, or via the Network Neighborhood, explore the remote files exactly as if they were on another logical drive or PC of the same LAN.

Including cutting and pasting whatever file format i have decided to.
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