Dirty Install V3 B2 over V3 B2 breaks WinXP Pro taskbar


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Dirty Install V3 B2 over V3 B2 breaks WinXP Pro taskbar, When installing Beta3 over the top of Beta2, WinXP Pro looses taskbar
I installed Beta 3 over the top of Beta 2. Instead of the expected behavior that the insataller asks... 'beta 1 detected, would you like to remove it and install beta2' it just continued through to the last step. In the last step it says 'error in installing' but continues on.
So I completly removed all Radmin from my computer. I then started getting Blue Screens of Death and lost my windows taskbar (the startmenu and language bar are there but I can't see the running programs). I reinstalled Beta3 and now I'm no longer experiencing the blue screens of death but still have not Windows Task bar.
I don't think they have even released beta 3 as of yet for Remote Admin.
you may want to scann for virus on your hard drive make sure you dont download from unknown sights trying to get the best buy.....
:oops: Sorry guys (and gals) I meant Beta 2 over the top of Beta 1.

I'm also geting cx000021 stop errors (blue screens of death). Microsoft reports that these errors are caused by Remote Control Software.

When I get home from work I'll lookup the KB article again.

I could really use a clean Radmin Beta off the system tool... cuz my system is f*cked.

As for virusses... no virusses, trojans or the likes. Am double firewalled and am running Trend Internet Security 14 with the latest updates.
The beta came directly from this Famatech website.
Dear Kat,

1. Do you have any other remote control software installed except Radmin?

2. Were you getting BSODs when Radmin was installed on your computer or were you getting them only after uninstallation?
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