No Dispaly of Remote Program Video


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No Dispaly of Remote Program Video
I've been running Radmin 3.0 Server on one of my machines and up until now, I haven't seen any problems. But, I now have one....

This machine is running Windows XP Pro. One of the applications that I run on it is GRLevel3, a radar application from The application works fine on the computer, but when I access this computer via Radmin 3.0, the display on the radar application turns completely black, both on the 'local machine' (the one on which GRLevel3 is running) and the machine from which I'm accessing the server. The rest of the computer screen looks fine and everything continues to work ok. This is the only application that I've seen that does this. As soon as I log out of Radmin, the radar display immediately comes back to 'normal'.

The above only happens when running Radmin 3.0 Server on this 'radar computer'. When running Radmin 2.2 Server, it works fine.

Apparently there is a conflict of some kind between how GRLevel3 handles its display and Radmin 3.0 server. While this is the only application that I've seen that behaves this way with Radmin 3.0 Server, I would suspect that there will be other applications that work in the same way that GRLevel3 works, and therefore won't work correctly with Radmin 3.0 Server.

I thought I should pass this along for the Radmin developers.

The same problem occurs if attempting to watch a video file (DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, etc). I've tried using Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11, and also using VLC (which is my preferred medial player). All of them exhibit the same "black square" instead of showing the video on the remote PC.

Haven't tested with RAdmin Server 2.2.

Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
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Because some V2.2 users report about applications who work on V2.2 and show black screens on V3.0 maybe make V3.0 to have a behavior/work like V2.2 if we want that... like a checkbox on V3.0. where to set him to work in V2.2 mode...

Check the following information

Hope this information helps you.

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