Mouse Click after window unfocus


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Mouse Click after window unfocus
I've found another thing that I'd like to see fixed before release.

Situation: I have my remote window open on the client but the focus is on another window.
When I click somewhere inside the remote window, the (remote desktop) window will regain focus, but the remote computer will also do a mouse-drag from the point where the cursor was originally to the point where I clicked in the Remote Desktop window to regain focus. This will cause strange behavior on the remote pc (i.e. windows being dragged to different locations, text to be selected, emails to be moved to different folders etc..)
This didn't used to be an issue in v2.2.
I am having the exact same problem. This was fine in v3.0 beta 1 as well as v2.2, but it is a bug that entered v3.0 beta 2. I too would like to see it fixed in the next release.
I'm finally in the habit (most of the time) of clicking the radmin window to get focus, then clicking inside the window. Not doing this is dangerous since you can misplace an entire directory, if you have an explorer window open.
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