"The final release of Radmin 3.0 is scheduled on October."


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"The final release of Radmin 3.0 is scheduled on October."

Well.. according to Famatech... they said the final release was scheduled for October. There's only one more day left!

So, should we get ready to start our downloads.. or is Famatech going to miss yet another deadline and lie to their costumers once again?
i dusted off my credit card wanting to buy a copy of 3.0 and nothing on sight......i know there you all went out and stuff to meet the team but could we see some kinda progress......make a video of whats changed..something is better than nothing i dont use radmin for busness just for fun once in a wile but ones who do like affialites that promote your sight .....ooh one more thing can u guys update those radmin testimonials there reading same ones over and over is borring
Scheduled For October, It Is November....\

Where is the release ??

- I am tired of waiting (several years)
With the current state of the Beta, do you really think they're ready for a final release?

Personally, I would like to see at least one more beta version, with all features enabled, so we can help them figure out which problems are bugs and which are just disabled features.

RAdmin 2.2 works very well. I'm not about to start migrating my customers off of it until I KNOW 3.0 is ready, which it clearly is not.
Quite right, TSie--though RA 2.2 lacks absolutely critical features (notifications, Office 2007 menus don't appear, e.g.).

This is an urgent matter for all of us, but we need at least one more beta first, I think.
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