Still have repainting problems with multiple monitors


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Still have repainting problems with multiple monitors, Still have repainting problems with multiple monitors
I am using Radmin 3.0 Beta 2 with 4 monitors on the host. I cannot eliminate the repainting problems, where the mouse trail and window activity is repainted from the wrong monitor, corrupting the display. I have two monitors running from a Radeon 9000 card and 2 from an NVidia Quadro card. I have tried everything I can think of (wallpaper set to None, setting Hardware Acceleration to minimum, etc.) but nothing fixes the problem.

I have read the prior posts and discussions on this, but want to know if it is still an open issue that is due to be fixed (and when)? If it has been resolved, what can I do to fix the problem?
I have the same problem when remote controlling a 3 monitor system. Still no fix from what I can see... I'd like to get an update on this as well though!
From what I understand this is a Windows issue. You need to have a program like Ultramon to stretch your wallpaper to span all your monitors, then this should be resolved.
Some previous postings dismissed this as a wallpapering problem with XP (, but I am fairly sure this is something different. It exists whether wallpaper is enabled or set to none. In addition to the mouse cursor, it affects repaints of windows, not just background. For example: opening then closing the File menu in any program, such as Excel, leaves a black box in the area that the menu covered, rather than repainting it correctly. Finally, I did install Ultramon, since it was mentioned in previous posts, and it does not help (but, my wallpaper is currently disabled anyway).

Famatech - can you comment on this and state your position? Is it an open bug to be addressed and fixed? Having multiple monitor support is an excellent feature not supported by many of your competitors...
FYI, I had read the previous posts about this issue and tried what they suggested (Ultramon to stretch a wallpaper - although I usually dont even have a wallpaper, just black background) and nothing has worked...
I have the same problem with my computer. I have 2 screen. When I remove the wall paper the problem is already present.

If i place my second screen to the left of the first the problem is present.
If I place my screen second to the right of the first the problem disappear...

The problem is a Windows problem with multi monitor support when the relation is a negative value from the primary monitor.

Good luck!!!
Making the leftmost monitor the primary monitor makes all screen coordinates positive and gets rid of the repaint problems.

Thanks Christian...
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