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Radmin 3 B2 Licence Code Transfer, 3B2 to 2.2

I tried to transfer a licence code today to a 2.2 server via 3b2 viewer. The code was accepted but it was not stored on the server side.

Same code with 2.2 viewer and it worked. Can now connect with 3b2.

Will 3b2 be able to transfer codes to older servers?

This is still an issue with the release version of RAdmin Viewer 3.0. It will not transfer a license code to a 2.2 server, though it acts like it does.

For those of you also experiencing this problem: I recommend, at least until Famatech addresses this issue, that you keep a backup copy of the original Radmin 3.0 beta viewer, along with the phone book to go with it. (As I'm sure you know, the beta 2 and release versions of the phonebook are incompatible with the initial 3.0 viewer release.)

If you've lost the original 3.0 beta viewer, I don't believe Famatech has it available for download any more; if you're desperate, send me a PM and I'll e-mail it to you. You're on your own for rebuilding your old phonebook, though. :D
Mark Solesbury,
We are developing a fix for this problem.
Updated version will be available soon.
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