Can the new Display Hook Driver being disable?


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Can the new Display Hook Driver being disable?
I love Radmin 2.2 because it can work with most Direct3D game. :)

In most case, when using the remote software with display hook driver, the Direct3D content will not work(Black content).

:!: For VNC, it start the hook driver when someone connected. However, this action possible kill the Direct3D game(Turn into black screen/windows).

:!: For windows' terminal service, the Direct3D content cannot work completely since it uses its own soft-display controller.

So, in Radmin 3.x, can I run Direct3D game with it? :?:
Actually, I can see the black screen on the D3D content(unless I move the curser over the black screen). In addition, the switching of display controller kills my D3D program. The real screen(D3D content) in console turn into black.

I do think that the new display hook cannot detect the change of D3D content. It is better to give us a option for disabling the display hook driver in server-side.
I'd be suprised if it couldn't. If it's anything like Dameware.. you just check/uncheck a box on the connection screen and that tells it whether or not to activate the fancy display driver.
This would be a good option as I want radmin for directx apps
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