radmin and vista


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radmin and vista
I just wanted to say congrats on getting winows vista digital signiture on radmin 3.0 according to your update on your news and i cant wait to see what improvements that might bring and stuff like that.....but iv heard only 10% ruffly of computers can even run vista because i heard it had a big demand on pc also wondering if anyone has ran radmin on vista even....... i mean the digital sig was same date vista was released.
Don't believe that 10% BS. You usually only hear that number fomr Linux fanboys or someone wanting to sell you new hardware.

That 10% figure *may* have a chance of being true if you take into account every PC ever made since the 8086 and if you try turning on every single option, but even then it's still doubleful. Yes, Vista has some beefy "requirements", but MS is known for exagerating to requirements in antisipation for what you all you may install onto vista (a reasonable amount of 3 party apps). After all.. people don't buy vista just to run vista. They buy Vista to be able to run 3rd party apps on top of Vista. If you beef up the requirements claim, the vista doesn't seem to run slow as you install more and more ***** to it.

I have a 3 year old Latitude D800 laptop right here and it's been running Vista just fine.
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