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Linksys BEFSR81 Help, Linksys BEFSR81 Help
I have set RADMIn up on many computer but this one has me stumped..
I have SBC DSL with speed stream (5 light Model) and a Linksys BEFSR81 Wired Router. Two PC's connected to router.. I have checked EVERYTHING and just can't get a login screen remotly.. This router has abit different Port Forwarding setting and I'm sure I'm missing something or just have it wrong. DSL Modem is on Bridge mode and router is setting IP address LAN ( Comp 1 with radmin) and ( Comp2 No Radmin)
Internet is working on both and even shut windows firewall off, just to troubleshoot but I think it is somewhere with the router. Can someone look at the router (Specs) and see what the proper setup is for this config?
Thank you
The BEFSR81 is just a switch, it's not a router.
It can't route any traffic, and I don't think it's acting as your DHCP server.

I think your DSL modem is acting as a router and your DHCP server, which means that's where you need to open the port.

Good luck,
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
Basco Shower Enclosures
LINKSYS BEFSR81 10/100Mbps EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 8-Port Switch 1 x 10Mbps WAN Ports 8 x 10/100Mbps LAN Ports - Retail ?????
My mistake! I didn't look closely at the specs.

On the advanced tab you can port-forward, etc:

The following instructions are for advanced users or users whose setup needs
require special configuration. When you click the Advanced tab, you will be
able to set up these features. There are six additional, Advanced tabs available.
Filters - Filters block specific internal users from Internet access and enable
Virtual Private Network (VPN) sessions.
Forwarding - Sets up public services on your network.
Dynamic Routing - Sets up the Router so it will automatically adjust to physical
changes in the network’s layout.
Static Routing - Sets up static routes

Please let me know your current configuration.

Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
Basco Shower Enclosures
You could also use Port Triggering to open all internal PC's on whatever port you specify.
Thomas Dietrich
Network Administrator
Basco Shower Enclosures
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