Xp home/viewer pc's problem.


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Xp home/viewer pc's problem.
Here is my log.
<3040> RServer3 2007.02.15 21:17 Radmin Server v3.0 is started
<892> RServer3 2007.02.15 22:24 bind_socket fails
<892> RServer3 2007.02.15 22:25 bind_socket fails
<892> RServer3 2007.02.15 22:26 bind_socket fails
<892> RServer3 2007.02.15 22:27 bind_socket fails
<892> RServer3 2007.02.15 22:28 bind_socket fails
Both of my machines are xp. I'm currently controlling my home pc with logmein(which I don't like it). I control my viewer pc quite flawlessly, but when it comes trying to control my home pc, it always gets like a failed connection. It also can't control itself using it's own viewer...
1. Check that another program is not running on Radmin port (4899 by default).

2. If you are using any Windows Sockets management software, make sure it's configured correctly.

3. There's a bug in Windows XP, when winsock settings are being destroyed after uninstalling a personal firewall product. This may cause "bind_sockets failed" error. You can use application called WinsockXPFix.exe to fix WinSock configuration. It can be downloaded from Some Radmin users reported that this actually helps to fix "bind_sockets failed" error.
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