OSx Version testing?


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OSx Version testing?
Is there any chance that an OSx version may be developed?

I am willing to be a volunteer for testing and implementation.

Kind Regards,
Any chance that an OSX compatible Viewer may become available?

Customers have reported that Radmin Viewer works correctly under WINE.
Ivan Merkulov
Famatech Support
Under OS x Leopard I am using Codeweavers version of Wine to try this, and it does not work.
It does word under Linux, however and OS x version still eludes the marketplace.
Another vote for a OS X viewer.
Radmin is a great product! The only major issue is that there is not a version for Mac. Let's see one! I will buy it today!
One gets the feeling that they are not interested in a Mac version?

Shame really.

I suspect that they underestimate the demand or simply don't care.
Edited: Harry Austin - 18.08.2008 17:00:55

Another request for the OSX client.
Another request here by an unhappy customer who would like to see a mac version... at least Radmin Viewer.
I'm adding our company to the list of people wanting a Mac OS X viewer.

We are actually very HAPPY customers of RAdmin, but we've been moving towards Macs for our administrators, and currently have to put Parallels and Windows on each machine, pretty much purely so that we can use RAdmin.

Soon there will be no reason for us to license Parallels and Windows on the Macs, and at that point we'll stop using RAdmin (and will have to move to VNC and other tools). We're probably a couple of months or so away from that point now.

Please Famatech, tell us that you're at least planning a Mac viewer so that we can stay on RAdmin.
How about an iPhone app? logmein has one.
I have an iPhone too and I want an iPhone app too... we have it in our future plans. No ETA available.
looking forward to an iphone version of the viewer 8)
i think there is a liability but not 100% sure whether this will happen or not

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i'd love a version of radmin viewer for the iphone too;
Specifically: iPhone to a Windows.PC or server running Radmin Server.. I believe you have Radmin Viewer for Win.Mobile - is there a significant technical obstacle in rewriting that for the iPhone/Mac OS ?
To the best of my knowledge there is NOT a Windows Mobile version of RAdmin Viewer. I would certainly be using it if there was!

Of course, if there IS a Windows Mobile version out there that I'm unaware of, somebody please clue me in! If not, here's my vote for that version being developed, too ...

Is it at all possible that you can run it VIA a site accessable on the internet? I have an iphone now as well and I am finding a few things that will work I guess but I already have many copies of radmin I have purchased and I would love to just keep it going instead of running an additional program too.

Kevin - Aerial Photo Lab
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