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Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
On October 27, 2010, we will begin beta testing of our Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 free network utility.
To take part in the testing, download the beta-version of Advanced IP Scanner 2.0, check that it is compatible with your OS, familiarize yourself with the product and prepare bug-reports and suggestions on how to improve it.
Active participants will receive free Radmin remote control licenses.

To download Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta and find more information, visit

Here you can submit your reports and suggestions and discuss your experience with other testers. :idea:
Edited: Oksana Parkhomchuk - 27.10.2010 05:57:07
I'm not a powerfull user of oldest version of advanced IP scanner, but I tried the new beta version.
My first impression was great in general, I tried some features, browsing, shutdown, telnet... that seem to working great.

I have a question. In my network I have 2 servers similar (Windows server 2003). I got full detail for my file server but less for my domain controler. Is an option ? a firewall block or anything to open to permit Advanced Ip Scanner to detail my server ?

I could'nt attach picture (the option seem to be broken) is my file serveur
I show name and header detail and all network share is my domain controler
I show only ip in header and no network share

Thanks !
I installed the new scanner (used the old one often) All looked fine.

Had to take care of a server issue elsewhere and left the scanner running collecting data.

I returned to my workstation about a 1/2 hour later and the program was frozen.
A check of task manager indicated 'not responding'.

When restarted all was fine... started the data collection again.
Installed the beta version on a windows 7 64 bit computer.
I have used the previous version before.

Until now all works well.

The options window is not ready yet I presume.
If my memory serves me right there used to be a lot more options.
Edited: Maarten - 27.10.2010 15:21:25
I'd like to be able to drag discovered machines into my RADMIN viewer. This would greatly assist me in maintain my directory of remote sites.

Seems to work ok.
I installed the IP scanner, and it seems to run properly on my Windows 7 laptop. I haven't encountered any failures so far.

We have several IP ranges in our network - is there a way to put multiple ranges in the scan range selection? I tried " -; -" with a semicolon and comma, but neither worked.
I scanned my local network and it reported that every IP on the network had FTP running. I know this is not true.
As with previous versions seem fine.
Running win 7 x32 ie 9.
Already been useful as its identified my HP home server is on wrong netbios.
Keep it up.
Windows 7-64. Running as User, installed and used elevated permissions to install.
Installation appeared to go fine, although I changed the install directory to c:\Program Files (x86)\Utilities\{whatever the default directory it}
Told it to launch after install - crashed

launched from the start menu - crashed
Launched from start menu - run as administrator - crashed

Dump info file:

instance of Win32_Processor
Family = 1;

instance of Win32_OperatingSystem
BuildNumber = "7600";
OSLanguage = 1033;
ProductType = 1;
ServicePackMajorVersion = 0;
ServicePackMinorVersion = 0;
SuiteMask = 272;
Version = "6.1.7600";

instance of Win32_ComputerSystem
Domain = "";
Manufacturer = "Hewlett-Packard";
Model = "HP EliteBook 8730w";
Name = "JFBENG-G1295JE3";
PartOfDomain = TRUE;
UserName = "GENMILLS\\G1295JE";
Typo: "legalagreement" - Should be "legal agreement"
Location: End-User License Agreement, 2nd paragraph.

Typo: "that you about to download," - Should be "that you are about to download"
Location: End-User License Agreement, 2nd paragraph.

Typo: "floppydisks" - Should be "floppy disks"
Location: End-User License Agreement, 2nd paragraph.

Typo: "fixes modifications" - Should be "fixes, modifications"
Location: End-User License Agreement, 2nd paragraph.

Typo: "butinclude" - Should be "but include"
Location: End-User License Agreement, 2nd paragraph.

Final Setup Screen: In section where there is a checkbox next to "Launch Advanced IP Scanner" there is a gray colored outline of the surrounding area.

when scanning it reports HTTP is active but does not designate numeric port (80, 8080, 443, etc. )

Choosing "Radmin >" does not allow you to specify a port number (aka not 4899).
Nice little program, I use it the first time !

At first start after the install, the inserted ip-range was not the range of my little network I use, it was of a network card which works but is not in use..
Also on the line below the inputline, the IP adres is not logical.
I use the range from to
The second line gives to

Let the program start on first run with the local subnet it actually in use, and also give trough the drodown the other ranges as far as they are present.

check the reason why the second line with the greyed IP-range gives this not-present range
Downloaded it.
Worked perfectly on Vista32 and Win7 (32)
The scan didn't hung as previous version.
The interface is more smooth and very clear.
A very nice option wich can be handy is the Favorites function
The shutdown function didn't work as expected . The shutdown in Radmin section
did it perfectly when using default port (as mentioned above)
Port setting is needed for shutdown function as we use another default port.
But also to for shutting down PC's behind a router would be handy co'z they all use different ports.
But again a nice app from Famatech.
rgds Mipani
Found it took some time to install and looked like it had frozen. Was just about to do the 3 finger salute when it showed action.This was on a windows 7 ultimate OS dell laptop with 2Gb of ram.

Other than that, so far looks good.
Initial testing is looking good with some nice new features. testing on Windows XP SP3.

it would be nice to have say a column to show devices with Radmin Server installed and to be able to filter on those devices. This would assist with determining the number of devices on the network with Radmin server installed.
Installed and ran fine on Windows 7 64bit.

I love how it even found my linksys router and gives quick access to the http page for that.

However, is there a way to change the port of the Radmin connection? I changed the ports on all my PCs and didn't see a way to tell Advanced IP Scanner to use the ports I have. So when I click on Radmin/Full Control, it gave the standard "Cannot connect to the server" error.
Installed on Windows 7 64 bit.

I'm not having any problems with the application at this time. I will post if any problems occur.
Installed on Windows 7 64 bit.

Current hardware:
System Type x64-based PC
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, 2668 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. 0610, 12/10/2009
SMBIOS Version 2.6
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB

I'm not having any problems with the application at this time. I will post if any problems occur.
Possible Issues and/or wants/wishes

1] readjusted column width settings are not persistent across sessions.

2] telnet on discovered http/ftp ports gives no option to select the relevant port to telnet to: should either intelligently select appropriate port [e.g. port 80 or port 20/21 etc] or give the user CLI control options for port selection.

3] ftp option on discovered ftp services seems to use the default web browser rather than any installed default ftp application, and also assumes an anynmous connection: no opportunity to give user login details. Also no option to select PASV/PORT or other ftp modes/commands.

4] service discovery - http, ftp etc; only operates on default non SSL ports; would be useful to allow for searches of SSL or for setting of non-standard ports, or even all ports.

4a] does not appear to discover Remdote desktop or RAdmin ports

4b] does not appear to discover smtp/pop/imap ports.

5] all discovered devices/systems presented with same icon in Status column; could be useful - particularly in Favourites - to assign [or allow users to assign] icons by device type - e.g. routers, switches, printers etc.

6] no apparent capacity for continuous monitoring of a lan. Ability to keep an eye on device/system status would be useful.

7] not yet sure about this last item; need to test further but it seems as if the scanner may get confused by [deliberate in this case] IP address conflicts and "hangs"

Test envionment; Windows 2008R2 Workgroup lan with XP and W7 workstations. More testing to follow in an AD environment with other workstation and device types.
It works ok. It found all the PC's in my network and the router too. The only thing is that shows that I have a http server in my notebook, but I dont have any http server. All other things work ok.You can put a language item in the menu to change the interface language.
I tried wake on lan and worked ok in my pc. I dont understand how the IC a C buttons work.
Installs and looks fine. I clicked the C button and put in my home network range. All IPs came back with the same MAC address. Seems the MAC address should be blank.

Clicking on IP to let it pick my currente subnet left the SCAN input field blank. I cannot get it unless I type in it :-(
Can IP Scanner have the option like RAdmin where the display can be automagically filtered to live or dead IP's only?
It is nice and very useful, I have used the old version often also.
Two improvments at first look:
1. I'd like to be able to export (File/Save) in RAmin format only the IP-s with detected RAdmin installed. It is very easy to refresh and deploy the RAdmin computers list up to date.
2. Settings/ Options should have one additional custom port scan. It is usefull to search in an network a specific application port, to create an application inventory topology. Only one port not many, for many ports the Advanced Port Scanner could be use.
No bug detected yet on Windows Vista Business Service Pack 2 32-bit Operating System,
No problems found after a couple of hours of testing, however, I do have a feature request.

How about a facility to scan for active Radmin servers?

Would this be a good addition to the Radmin sub-menu?

Richard Wagstaff
Beta looks and works great (so far ;). I'd like to add custom ports too to scan, *but* I'd love to see HTTPS as standard. Many network devices are managed using more secure HTTPS these days (e.g. firewalls, routers) and so I'd also like to be able to kick of a browser https connection to the device! :)
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta cuts off the full computer name when on a domain if the name is 15 characters. will only show
No option to create a desktop icon during install. I know it's in Beta stage, but that should be an easy add.
In Windows XP Pro with SP-3, the “Name” column shows only the computer names.
But on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, it shows the under the “Name” column. Not sure if it’s a bug or designed to do that.
Router on name is blank on the name column for the discovered IPs. It does show that it's running http, it shows the IP address, and MAC address.
Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta installed on Windows XP SP3:

Findings so far:

- Opened webpage of one of our networkprinters. Upon closing the webbrowser, IP scanner screen was entirely white and unresponsive for about 35 seconds before returning to normal. At least it did not crash like the old version did. This happened on a few computers that were running a webserver as well.

- For RAdmin to work directly from Advanced IP Scanner, you really need to have a port setting. I use alternative ports most of the time. I also understand this would be difficult and make scanning slower. Perhaps you can 'cheat' and match the computers to the RAdmin Viewer address book?

- I am uncertain about the 'User' column. For some of the computers it just shows the computer NETBIOS name with an '$' added. Is this useful in any way?

- Advanced IP Scanner would only detect one of our three Ricoh multifunctionals. While the two that were not detected where in 'Energy saving' mode, their webpages were still accessible and the devices were active on the network. A subsequent scan did show all three.

- While our Netgear WNDR3700 WiFi AP would detected consistently, a Linksys WRT160N and a Linksys WAP54G were not. Sometimes the WAP54G would appear in the list, the WRT160N did not.
hi there,

here´s my first impression and hints (running win7 32bit german):

- file maybe better exe than msi, some users don´t know what is msi
- install directory "Advanced IP Scanner" instead "advanced_ip_scanner"
- default value for network was not my local adapter, instead it used my virtualbox adapter -, better check the actual network 192.168.x.x
- nice to see the hidden shares, would be good to have them seperated from the "real" shares to see forgotten

shares --> easy to remove them (i found one i made ages ago)
- shared printers should have a printer symbol
- missing all other open ports on the devices (such as radmin, rdp, smtp, pop, https,...) and it would be cool to see if

any one can be accessed without password
(now only http, ftp and shares are available in options)
wake on lan is cool, but does it recognize turned off devices by mac adress?
- very interesting, on my router it shows ftp and i get an access window, didn´t know that there was a setting for ftp

anywhere in the router system :-o
- i like to see the radmin "state" of the pcs and the radmin connect options

all in all cool software, well done!!!

** would be happy to find my radmin licences in the inbox ** ;-)

see ya

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