Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010


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Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since October 27, 2010, We invite you to become a Famatech software beta tester!
Installed V2 Beta on Windows 7 64 bit onCompaq 8510W

No problems so far, but I will post should run into any.

One feature request: Maybe I missed it, but I would like to see an option for hibernating a remote machine added.


The more I test this version, the buggier it seems. Much worse than the previous Beta version.

Running on WinXP-Pro SP-3, does not display router name or + sign in front of it anymore to open the HTTP page. Also, does not show the + sign in front of a known Radmin Server running on Win7-64 Ultimate. I can right-click on it and go to the RAdmin-Full Control. Radmin Viewer takes a long time to open, even though it's installed locally on the machine. Does not remember the default User Name for the RAdmin, even though I am checking the box. Even after logging into RAdmin, it also takes a long time to actually show the Full Control screen.

Several Re-Scans have no affect. Same results. Missing the sub-info (+) for almost everything running on the LAN, except for the local machine. That has the expand/collapse +/- in front of it. In fact, the expand (+) button shows up in the initial scan, then disappears after the full scan. Tried both settings in the Option screen for Accurate/Slow, etc. No effect.

Thought of Uninstalling the scanner and re-installing it, but I don't think that would make any difference.
For some reason the Scanner cannot detect all the devices I have on my network. Missing is a CMS-16 by wti ( that has a static IP, is ping-able and shows up in the router log as attached and active device.

Please let me know if you need further information.
It seems to work fine except for detecting IP addresses connected to my router but not in my network. This would be a very handy feature to have. Detecting wireless might be a different problem.
Dave Hearn wrote:
It seems to work fine except for detecting IP addresses connected to my router but not in my network. This would be a very handy feature to have. Detecting wireless might be a different problem.

The Scanner detects my wireless devices just fine: various laptops, different generation iPod touches.
some topics here:

Shut down
Feature wish: If the machine which shall be shutdown is the machine where "Advanced IP scanner" is running, in this case a special warning dialog should come up - would be friendly (personal experience ...).

Under "Setting"/"Options" the "Scan for resources" can be selcted, "Radmin" is available there. I think it would be great and iinformative if "Radmin" is also available as a column in the main window.

Buttons "IP" and "C": It is not possible to see what is the status of this buttons. I would like it if they show their status after they were pressed, like switches. But they don't, not so user friendly for me.

Help describes under "Documentation"/"Options" some Ping features. I do not find that in the program. There under "Options" I find "Performance", and "Ressources", but not these ping features.

Under "Operations" an option "Radmin" is available, also if Radmin is not installed on that machine. I propose to grey out this feature when it is not usable.

Checking my private network:
- "Advanced IP scanner" shows my router, but not the shared USB stick which is connected to the router (Bug: An other network scanner is able to show it).
- It shows my NAS (QNAP) with shared folders, and the network laser printer (Lexmark), and the TV (Loewe). OK.
- Advanced IP scanner did not recognize one pc, doesn't matter how often I re-scanned the network (sorry to say this but the other network scanner found it immediatelly).
All machines were inside
OS on all pc's was XP or Vista, the missing one is a XP machine.
Speed of "Advanced IP scanner": normal.

Installation: No problems, nevertheless I personally prefer programs which do not need an installation, and I do not believe that an installation is really necessary.

In my eyes the biggest advantage of "Advanced IP scanner" is - if you build in that feature - that it could show the status of Radmin on the scanned machines.

Thank you,
and I wish you some good decisions for the final version :-)
Beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta 2 is closed. We are grateful for your feedback. Active participants will receive Radmin licenses this week.
Release coming soon.
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