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First Impression
hi there,

here´s my first impression and hints (running win7 32bit german):

- file maybe better exe than msi, some users don´t know what is msi
- install directory "Advanced IP Scanner" instead "advanced_ip_scanner"
- default value for network was not my local adapter, instead it used my virtualbox adapter -, better check the actual network 192.168.x.x
- nice to see the hidden shares, would be good to have them seperated from the "real" shares to see forgotten

shares --> easy to remove them (i found one i made ages ago)
- shared printers should have a printer symbol
- missing all other open ports on the devices (such as radmin, rdp, smtp, pop, https,...) and it would be cool to see if

any one can be accessed without password
(now only http, ftp and shares are available in options)
wake on lan is cool, but does it recognize turned off devices by mac adress?
- very interesting, on my router it shows ftp and i get an access window, didn´t know that there was a setting for ftp

anywhere in the router system :-o
- i like to see the radmin "state" of the pcs and the radmin connect options

all in all cool software, well done!!!

** would be happy to find my radmin licences in the inbox ** ;-)

see ya

I definitely agree with you. First impression lasts.
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