Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since December 21, 2010 - Phase 2


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Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta Testing since December 21, 2010 - Phase 2
We want to thank everyone who participated in Phase 1 beta testing of our Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 free network utility. We have checked all bug reports and have studied and considered all wishes.

On December 21, 2010, we will begin Phase 2 beta testing.

To take part, download Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta, confirm that it is compatible with your OS, familiarize yourself with the software, prepare bug reports, and send us your suggestions for improving the product. We encourage you to send us screenshots, logs and other information.

Active participants will receive free Radmin remote control licenses. :)

To learn more, visit
system: XP prof. latest updates, small private network

testing results so far:
1. scanning process stopps at 12% (tried this serveral times)
2. "expand all" from "view"-menu opens all found computer, but they will not be updated until you "close" / "open" them again.
3. after "STOP" and closing IPScanner it still stays in the taskmgr.
4. when starting scanning, internet-speed (ebay, famatech, or other) is reduced to 0.

5. Username allways (if noticed) get a $ at the end.

Hope it helps.
Edited: Frank Braun - 23.12.2010 08:52:18

I'm also having the same problem, scanning is very slow at 12% after 2 minutes it get to 13% and scanning is completed after about 14 minutes.

I tried to optimize the the scansettings, but it stays slow.

I'm very glad you implanted the Right Click > Copy option that I requested in my last email to you!


2nd Location - 1st Report:
(Ref 1st Location Posted: 12/23/2010 07:54:22 on earlier Topic at )

Installed at 2nd Location onto WinXP SP-3 PC,
LAN is Home with only a few connections.

I clicked the Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta (PGRM) Icon

PGRM opened and auto-filled my IP Range
** The initial Range worked.
** I then Changed the IP Range to find more.

I pressed SCAN (** everything else let at default)

PGRM started to fill in the Display with a Scan List,
found 4 then Crashed.

I captured the Error Msgs and the
Debug-Error report file...
Email that I will send to Famatech at
will have the SUBJ as:
with a Word.doc attachment of the images.
Famatech Software Beta Testing_Location-2_101225.docx
Edited: Steven Bonnell - 25.12.2010 12:05:46
Windows 7 x64 and the scanner does tend to hang around 12% for a little while then moves on. I noticed that the first time I ran it it didn;t find all machines. Then I ran it a couple of more times whitin a few minutes of the first run and it found more. Does find names as good as iNet on my iPhone.

ii testet the current Beta 2 on my Notebook at home with Windows XP SP3 installed and connected to my WLAN Router via WLAN.

After starting the scan it detects my Notebook and the resources shared on it. It also detects the IP of my WLAN-Router but no services on it. (Scanning has finished normally).
But the WLAN-Router is administrateable via http.

After that EVERY Web-site i try to open in my browser opens very slow like i have got a 100 Bit internet connection.

If i terminate the IPScanner than all the Websites open again with normal speed.

I can reproduce that each time. Seems like the IP-Scanner continues to poll the http port in the background with a very high rate.
Beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 Beta 2 is closed. We are grateful for your feedback. Active participants will receive Radmin licenses this week.
Release coming soon.
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