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Wish List, Wish list for Advanced IP Scanner
Definitely time for an update for Advanced IP Scanner - I'm excited.

1. Mouse over view screen - I would love to have the option to mouse over an IP and have a simple screenshot pop up if radmin is installed. If it's a switch, have a Cisco or Extreme or Nortel Icon pop up. IP Scanner should be able to tell me that it's a Cisco router, switch, access point, IP Camera, Printer etc. The icon should change accordingly for quick view.

2. Can one of the columns be shared folders? The ability to quickly click on a share and have it open with a default program (ie. Explorer, or even better - Total Commander, or even Radmin File Transfer).

3. vbs remote execution, Auto-IT, Kix - some greater functionality for Scanner.

4. Active Directory - the ability to flip between Scanner layout and Active Directory Listing.

5. Remote Desktop - In case a Radmin install needs to be repaired.

6. Scan with WOL button up top. Send the WOL, and scan the network.

7. On right click - send user message.

8. Remote Control on Release - this is something that I would love to see as a feature on here and in Radmin - the ability to send a remote control request, and wait for the user to click "Yes" the automatically open Radmin connection.

So a user is in the middle of something, but you need to work on that machine. Send a message that pops up from the system tray telling them the Administrator would like to take remote control of this machine when you are finished working. A button to "Allow" them would be there. When they finish their work, they click allow and it automatically opens Radmin on the adminsitrators PC.

9. We need to be thinking about multiple monitors. Is there a way for IP Scanner to know there are multiple monitors and open radmin windows in the other monitor - or automatically arrange - just throwing this one out there.

10. Another column showing the state of the machine - or if the last action you performed was succesful. If I deployed Radmin, it should tell me the state. If I rebooted the machine, it should tell me when it is back up etc.

11. I like the Telnet - but can we also call Putty or something that uses SSH?

12. Can we reboot to safe mode with Radmin? There are many times this would come in handy, especially when working on viruses.

I'll probably have more later...
Edited: Timothy Bryant - 22.12.2010 10:05:18
Does any of these questions have been answered? Better contact them directly.
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