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Advanced IP Scanner 2.1 Beta Testing, Advanced IP Scanner new version discussion, bug-reports, wishes etc.
On August 17, 2011, we start beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.1 free network utility. We invite you to register your interest in becoming a Famatech software beta tester!
As a tester you will be asked to download the software, check that it is compatible with your operating system, familiarize yourself with the product, and prepare bug reports and suggestions on how to improve it.
Every participant who sends us a bug report and a suggestion on how to improve the program will get a free Radmin license.

To download Advanced IP Scanner 2.1 Beta and find more information, visit
Please send us your suggestions and bug reports using the form on the beta testing page.

Here you can discuss the program and leave your comments.
I can see as far as I have tested, the scanner is more reliable. I am using a 64bit Quad Core intel® i7 2600K running Windows 7 Pro, 8TB of Data Space, in a Fault Tolerant 4X2 RAID, 8 GB of Mem and Dual SLI Nvidia® GTX560 Ti in a water cooled chasis. I ran the IP scanner on default settings and it found all the IP's on my network just fine. I then went into the options and selsected all items to look for. It did add a considerable amount of time to the scan cycle, but the results were worth it.

Items to suggest:
When Double - Clicking the main IP for a device attempt to open it via port 80. This is because most items that don't say what they are, are either systems that are locked down or similar to a router or printer and will have it's own HTTP interface.

Second item is have scan for Radmin on as default!
While scanning the network for the first time not all DNS names are resolved, while a second tool resolved the names like it shoot.

On the second scan some DNS names are Not resolved while it did on the first scan.
The NetBIOS names are detected like it shoot.

HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Radmin scans on several different port work very good!

Also loading ip ranges and saved scans works fine.


3 New scans and there no http access to firewall, in the option menu I disabled
"scan for shared folders" and now the the http acces to to firewall is discovered!



Beta-testing is over! Thank you all for taking part in it. We are waiting for the Advanced IP Scanner new version release. Follow the news on our website.
Can we still get the beta versions?
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