Black Screen on Windows 7


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Black Screen on Windows 7

I want to use my license on a computer with Windows 7.
I've installed the Radmin server 2.1 on it (computer 1).
I've installed the Radmin viewer 2.1 on an other computer with Windows 7 (computer 2).
On both of them, I've deasabled the firewall.

When I'm trying to take control (or view) of the computer 1, after typing the password, I'm having a black screen.

Is there some one who can tell me if Radmin server 2.1 is compatible with Windows 7 x64 ?

Thanks a lot
I fixed this issue, I too had the same problem. Here is how I did it.

1) Reboot and press F8
2) Select "Repair my computer"
3) Select the keyboard layout and lanugage
4) When you reach system recovery tools, select System restore.
5) Select the restore point when it was working fine and restart the computer.

That's it....

If you do not have the system restore points, try startup repair.

Amanda I dont think you answered his question...

Is RAdmin 2.1 is compatible with Windows 7?

I have tried to install 2.x to view a W7 (32 and 64 bit). The program seems to load fine and I get a login on the remote viewing computer but after I put in the password I only get a black screen (on the viewing PC window).

I think you'll find that you'll need 3.4 for Windows 7
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