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Chat password protected channels wanted
We have 5 groups of employers that each must have its own conference room that is protected by password. As the network administrator i want an easy way to deploy the client, with auto join feature to such a room. If possible i want the client program with common settings to be launched from a shared folder on the network. It would be better if default user nick is same as username of the computer on its first launch of a user. An easy way to deploy personal setting settings should be made that makes it easy for people with very little knowledge of computers to connect. The settings must be stored in the user profile in case of users logging on with roaming profiles.

Connect server: ip
Connect type: chat
Connect server password:
Autojoin conference room: roomname
Autojoin conference room password: password(encrypted)

and i also want a global option as "always ask for password" that overrides user settings

Easy to deploy, easy to use, is easy to sell!
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