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All is great but...
It would be gread to be posible give more types of rigts not only, view, chat, voice chat. For example add to user rights auto deny in some time, this posibilaty is in 2.2 vesrion but there this posibilaty not in user settings, they in global settings.
Now that I am a happy user of Skype, I hoped to find in your Radmin CS a similar product that we could use locally at our company to have our people communicate with our IT dept. But after trying it, in all honesty I must say Skype is a lot better in (1) ease of setting up, (2) ease of use, and (3) voice quality. Skype is also better graphically, but that is less important to me.

It took me half an hour to get RAdmin CS set up and working. So I don't exactly find it intuitive. Skype took me 5 minutes to install and start talking to others. Setting up the server was easy, but then it was not so obvious to me that the clients have to connect to the server instead of to each other. And then once connected, figuring out how exactly it works was also not that intuitive.

The voice quality of RAdmin CS is not as good as Skype. The delay (for the sound to reach the other side) is noticably longer (even though CS works on the LAN and Skype goes over the internet!). With Skype, I didn't have to do any microphone volume tuning and it worked great. Skype also had less feedback of the speakers into the mic.

These are my observations. Sorry for comparing with Skype, but as I said, this is what I'm looking for if I were to consider any such product.
Note that "skype" is "IP phone" and Radmin Communication Server is LAN chat system. This products have different goals and different markest. Yes, Radmin Communication Server is more complex since it's initially designed to support scalability and is ready to serve different purposes from simple peer-to-peer chat to virtual conference and lectures.
Unfortunately, conference system is always more complex then phone - this is a drawback from functionality.

Voice quality is most probably a beta version issue and will be fixed in release version.

So, i can suggest you to wait for release version before comparing Radmin Communication Server to other products.

You can also help us greatly by sharing your vision of product weak points with us. We are trying to implement our products according to our users needs, so your comments are welcome.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
As this product is LAN only after reading this snippet, is there likly going to be a Wan version, as this with radmin would be the ideal tool for my company.
It took me half an hour to get RAdmin CS set up and working. So I don't exactly find it intuitive. Skype took me 5 minutes to install and start talking to others.

Do remember that Skype accesses a server which is already installed in a given location in the World, while for a more private setup, such as RCS/RCC you need to install both the client and the server, which makes it, indeed, a slightly more complicated task. Once a server is configured in your enterprise, however, users only need to install the client. That brings me to a "Feature Request".

It would be nice to be allowed to customize the installation package, perhaps through a small config file, which would contain the local settings, i.e. in which system and port the local server is configured. That info could be used by the RCC installation utility for a more intuitive install by users (they would not need to set up where the server is located, etc.). I believe this would greatly simplify the deployment of RCC in a company.

With regard to voice quality and delays we should indeed await the final release, but if I did understand right RCS/RCC uses some sort of cryptography for added security in the communication in the enterprise level. Cryptography, depending on the algorithm employed, would explain some of the delay you mention, as the audio is not simply captured, compressed and transmitted. It must also go through the cryptography stage. In a final release some algorithm more fit for real-time cryptography may get to be used, also some audio coder which provides better quality, etc. So, as disclosed above by G. Petrov quality-wise issues should be compared in the final release (or last betas prior to release). At this early stage I'd guess that mostly functionality issues are being sought for.

Custom installation is in our wish list, but i'm not sure that it will be implemented in current release version. For enterprise-level, custom installation can be done by company itself within 10 minutes with all required settings etc using freeware tools.

Encryption is very optimized and takes only 5% of network bandwidth, so it's ok.

Please, check that "voice quality" setting for BOTH server and client are set to macimum. This may be your issue with poor voice quality.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
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