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Feature Requests, For suveilance application of Famatech products.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First let me disclose one use I make of Remote Administrator along with a public-grade IM application. I use RAdmin to both access systems from my lab remotelly as well as for eventual surveillance of the lab environment. as of today I use a third party IM to keep on broadcasting video from a system which I often configure remotely with RAdmin. Such IM is set to auto-accept requests of video streaming from my IM client, so that I can actually see the environment without having to always connect there to "accept" a connection. For a while now I am expecting to have similar procedure to receive audio from the environment.

So, with all that in mind I'd have a couple feature requests for the RCS+RCC pair, as follows:
1- Please do consider to eventually add video streaming support. That would allow a greatly complete communication among all parties of a given meeting. H263, H263+, H263++, H26L or even H264 would be good streaming protocols which could be chosen.
2- It would be interesting to allow "auto-accept" connections. That allows one to leave a system ready to receive audio(and eventually video) connection requests from an environment which one wishes to keep track of automatically.

Last but not least. I'd like to congratulate Famatech on such a nice product. I have been fighting over public IMs in my lab, as those, other than allowing legitimate communication with other peers, also allow ***** of time with public in general. Using a product such as RCS+RCC would allow the first legitimate communication facilities without briging up the problems of the latter. Congrats on such a nice job!

Keep up the good work!

With Best Regards,

We are considering adding streaming video support to Communication Server, but these are long-time plans and first release version will be text+audio only.

Note, that using am open protocol such as H263 will result in security dropping, since most video streaming protocols' security is much weaker than native Radmin Security and encryption. Radmin is a SECURE solution, so if we would add a streaming video support, we will use our own secure protocol.
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
Is there any posibility to create version of RCS working on Linux ?
Maybe in the future we will see RCC on Linux ??
This will be a good for many corporates.

Best regards, Radoslaw Marciniak
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