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It's just ridiculous to remove a feature that works that good. This is actually not a nice to have feature, it's a reason to buy the software and choose it over VNC or anything else.

Don't mix Radmin and RCS.

Radmin Server 3.0 will still have "connect through host" option.

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Ilia Demenkov
Whooo Ha!

Guys, Guys, Guys..... this is kind of a crazy thread - but to be sure the answer is here. The most important things though:

- Every single radmin version included the ability to "connect through a host". In the recently available Radmin Viewer 3.0 (beta) the option is certainly there and usable, take a look for yourself:

- The RCS (or Radmin Commications Server) should have been called the Famatec Instant Messaging Server (FIMS)or Radmin Development Time Waster (RDTW). This thing is NOT an Radmin Client, NOR is it an Radmin server. Given that the RCS is a completely different thing - you should treat it as such. It is not indication of the future of Radmin.

I'm willing to bet that any new versions of Radmin WILL ABSOLUTLEY include the "Connect through host feature". Don't worry, really, seriously.. I will not, however, take bets on when (or if) this new version will be released....

thats my .02c anyway.. :)

Another Radmin FAQ
Yet another example of why the new product should have been version 1 and not version 3 (the existing numbering and naming is creating so much confusion)
I agree with Kevin Costain when he said that RCS was a bad name for the product, escpecially if it means "Radmin Commications Server". It would not be as bad if it meant "Remote Commications Server", but it still can be just as confusing. I hope this is more of an internal name, you know like "Longhorn", and not the final release name.

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