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a product that does this quite well and is free is it's amazing how i can remote into networks or computers that have a router or minimum security... in fact, ultravnc's SC (single click) is a highly used product. If you guys could at least incorporate the access THROUGH NAT routers and/or firewalls as ultravnc does, you would distinguish yourselves well above many other products in your category.

oops... just read that this beta is only a communication product (as in... enterprise wide IM). my bad... either way, for your remoting software...this feature (above) would be HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER!
either way, for your remoting software...this feature (above) would be HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER!

"Connect through host" option IS available in the current version - Radmin 2.2.

"Callback" option will be available in Radmin 3.0.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Ultra VNC has this little application you run on a PC that both the Server and the Client can see "Repeater".

I use it when the the Server is behind a router,this is how it works,

Startup Repeater on HOST(PC that both Server and Client can see) then link the SERVER to the repeater and connect the client to the Repeater and select SERVER you want to connect to.
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