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nifty product guys!!
my specs are: winxpsp2,cablemodem,linksrouter,za firewall,
rcs is installed on same machine as rcc1,
tested connection via lan,wan and dialup 28k,
all functions seem to work.
rcc2 installed on seperate machine.
rcc2 has connection info saved rcc window.
rcc2 pc has same specs as rcc1.
in rcc1 i can not save the connection info,
i have to repeatetly reenter the info
btw iam using portforwarding via links works like a charm
how about a save password function getting tired of writing logon.

any idears why it will not save connection data

you can see if iam up by going to

btw: how do i log in unattended so when the server
reboots i am logged in each time is there a script
followup: i uninstalled the client from rcc1 and reinstalled it that fixed the "rcc not saving connection info problem" i am stiil locking for command line log on with the client
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