Radmin 3.0 vs Radmin CS Client ?


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So far I understand Radmin 3.0 is only for viewer and not include the server?
I've tried to install radmin v3.0, and connect to radmin server 2.2, try the chat features, but cannot work, message said it required radmin server 3.0 for chat features.

So where is the radmin 3.0 server?

What is the different of (radmin CS client, radmin Cs server) vs radmin 3.0?

thank's :?:
So where is the radmin 3.0 server

Radmin Server 3.0 is not released yet.

RCS is not a replacement for Radmin 3.0, RCS is an another product.

Please read this forum topic:

Radmin Server 3.0 will also support Chat and Voice Chat features presented in RCS, but keep in mind that RCS will offer richer communication capabilities than Radmin Server 3.0, since RCS is a specialized product.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
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