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Secure web browser
I think Famatech should develop a secure web browser! I bet Famatech could definitly make a browser that is faster and more secure than both Firefox and IE.

erm why would they? there are lots of browsers to choose from.
IE is defently worse, ff is better but not perfect. No software is perfect.

Famatech focus on remote administrating and network communication.

I don't see what there is to gain if they add a browser to there software selection.
IE is known to have exploits and other security vulnerabilities, nobody is disputing that. However, as far as I know, group policy supports only IE.

This means that disabling certain features for users, such as changing the homepage or proxy settings is not possible. If Famatech were to develop a secure web browser that could be centrally managed, this would allow corporate and eduacational clients to discontinue use of IE. This would most likely be very popular as I'm sure many companies and educational institutions are looking for a more secure, centrally managed solution.

It may be difficult to see as a single home user, however, a solution such as this would be extremely benneficial to institutions that require the highest standards of security and speed.

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